Pennys Waste Management Agree Terms to Extend C&D Sorting Plant

Pennys Group are pleased to confirm that we have now agreed terms with Turmec, to further extend our C&D sorting plant.

The current plant, which was originally installed by Turmec in November 2020, has been running at full capacity since install and due to continued growth within the department, is now set to be developed further.

The plant extension will consist of a new mid-size picking line that will enable material to be processed far more efficiently and improve not only our recycling rates but material quality too. Part of the development will also include changes to the plants framework and picking cabins which will ensure the whole recycling plant is undercover. The extension has also been cleverly designed to ensure that the framework can allow for further changes in years to come.

Works are set to commence on the plant within the next 6 weeks and are scheduled to be completed within 4 weeks of Turmec arriving on site.

This exciting development marks another advancement for our Waste Management department as we strive to become a more prominent name within the Waste & Recycling industry.