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Plant Hire Bristol & Bath

Since the early days when started with a few tractors, we’ve specialised in hiring out transport and equipment.

Now we have a fleet of lorries, dumpers, low loaders, excavators – and of course, tractors, as well as demolition equipment including slews and crushers.

We have plant suitable for all types of demolition and excavation work. Have a look at our bulldozers and 360º slews and dumpers and crushers. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Maintained At Our Site In Bath

Pennys Group has moved on a lot since 1960 when Roger ran the business from his own garden. We now have a well-equipped workshop at our site. This means that all our plant and equipment are meticulously maintained by Penny fitters. Even though they’ve been so well looked after, we still replace our plant and equipment regularly – so you know you’re hiring reliable and working machines.

Hiring Plant From Pennys Group

Contact us with your requirements and we’ll find the most suitable equipment or transport for you. We can either give you a set price or you can hire by the hour.

We offer an extensive range of plant to ensure that you have access to all of the machinery and transport that you need. Contact a member of our plant hire team to find out more.

Operated Plant Service

This is also an option if you’d prefer one of our team to operate or drive the plant for you. Operated plant hire is ideally suited for organisations or individuals who want to carry out a wide range of different projects. Please contact us to find out more about this service.

Plant Hire for Your Demolition & Excavation Work

Utilising the extensive fleet that is available at Pennys Group, you are able to complete a wide variety of demolition and excavation work. Our operated plant hire service ensures that you have the option to have a specialist member of our team operate your selected machinery. This ensures that your team can continue with the project at hand without needing to assign members to operate machinery.

Why Choose Plant Hire?

Plant hire has a number of benefits compared to purchasing machinery. You will not have to worry about depreciation of your machinery as you hire your desired plant by the hour or for a set price. You also don’t have to worry about the security and maintenance of expensive machinery as we maintain and secure all of our equipment.

You are able to carry out a wide number of varying projects by using the plant that we have to offer. This ensures that you are not restricted when carrying out various projects and you will have all of the machinery that you will need to complete your demolition & excavation projects.

Enquire about our plant hire

Upgrading Your Current Fleet

Although we maintain our plant to the highest levels, we also acquire the latest equipment to ensure that you can upgrade your current fleet.

Using a higher specification machine not only means that it takes less time for you completing a project, it also means that you can complete your projects more effectively than if you were using a lower quality machine.

We are proud of our expert fleet that is maintained to the highest quality. The fleet that we have available will ensure that you are able to carry out a wide range of projects related to demolition, excavation and other specialist  projects.

There are a great deal of benefits when choosing to hire plant from Pennys Group.

Contact a member of our team using an online contact form on our website or telephone directly on: 01761 441832.