We can provide you the ideal
transport hire that you need. 

Dumpers & Bulldozers

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Excavator Hire

Our Transport Hire

We have a modern, well-maintained fleet of tipper lorries and low loaders for hire. Kept in excellent condition by our in-house workshop team and renewed regularly, these are vehicles that you can rely on to help you get the job done.

Transport for Every Job

We have tipper trucks of varying capacities, suitable for bulk muck shift, soil, and stone haulage, all with self-sheeting and self-weighing functions. Combine your tipper hire with the right loading equipment, which we can also arrange for you.

We also have roll on/roll off hook lift lorries, low loaders, and a lorry-mounted road brush for hire. Essentially, we have the right transport for all aspects of your demolition or excavation project.

The South West’s Flexible Transport Hire Service

We want to make this easy for you, so there are various options.

You can hire a vehicle at an hourly rate, with one of our operators. If you prefer (and this works better for larger projects), we can work out the hire fee on a cost-per-project basis. Just speak with us when arranging your transport hire, and we’ll work out what’s best for you and your budget.

Some vehicles, such as the lorry-mounted road brush, can be hired with one of our operators. Again, please discuss this with us when looking at your hire options. Some of our team have been with us for over twenty years, and many of our clients know who to ask for by name!

When you hire transport from us, we can also help you with waste disposal. You can use our landfill sites to dispose of your waste, or a transfer station to sort the recycling.