Operated diamond drilling
and concrete cutting.

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Concrete Cutting

Soft Strip


Concrete Cutting & Diamond Drilling

Preferred across many industries including the construction and demolition industries, it’s no surprise that many companies and organisations opt to utilise diamond drilling and concrete cutting.

Offering a number of benefits, diamond drilling and concrete cutting are vital services across a wide range of different projects.


Experienced Team 

Pennys Group has many years of experience offering diamond drilling and concrete cutting for our clients. Offering an operated diamond drilling and concrete cutting service, we can help you when your project requires the cutting of concrete or requires the precise drilling of holes.

If you want more information regarding our diamond drilling and concrete cutting services then enquire with Pennys Group today.

Benefits of Concrete Cutting

 One of the main benefits of concrete cutting is the noise reduction compared to other more traditional methods of cutting concrete. There is little risk to workers from noise damage and this ensures that little disruption is caused to your workforce when concrete cutting is taking place

Other more traditional methods of concrete demolition can cause structural issues due to the significant vibrations that can fracture the remaining concrete. There is no risk from this when using our concrete cutting service and this ensures that the structural integrity of any remaining concrete is maintained.

Benefits of Diamond Drilling

Synthetic diamonds are used extensively in the construction and demolition industry due to the immense strength of the material.

The increased standard of cuts and the precision of any cuts made ensures that you can drill through just about any material, quickly and effectively.

Suitable for any working environment, the drilling process produces very little noise and there is no dust left when drilling is complete. This again makes the process safer and less disruptive to your workforce when drilling is taking place and is also a more environmentally friendly method of drilling than with more traditional drilling or demolition methods.

More accurate drilling leads to less debris being produced which saves time and costs of having to dispose of excess debris. You are also able to drill in highly confined spaces which is excellent for projects where there is little space available and precision is key.