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Temporary Works Bristol & Bath 

Our temporary works services offer the complete guidance and support you need to complete the rest of your project effectively.

Our team here at Pennys Group are proud to offer our clients a range of temporary work services which are perfectly suited for those who are preparing a site for a new build or any other form of construction work.

To find out more information about any of the temporary work services we offer simply get in contact with one of our friendly team members today.

Suitable For A Range of Projects

Over the years we have been involved with an extensive range of projects, everything from the construction of new houses to the demolition of large derelict buildings.

With the nature of this work there comes a need for temporary work to ensure the site is properly prepared for your plans.

As a part of our temporary works we speak to you and discuss the specific needs and requirements, from there we can create a bespoke action plan which allows you to get the job done. 

Meet Your Deadline With Ease

Here at Pennys Group, we are proud to offer our clients with the materials and machinery needed to complete the project effectively.

The temporary work we offer is designed to be completely flexible around your site, we can provide the skilled employees you need to stick to your deadlines and keep within budget. 

To find out more information about our temporary work please feel free to give one of our friendly team members a call. With over 60 years of experience within the industry, you can rely on us to offer an unbeatable service every single time.