Hire a Skip in Midsomer Norton

Are you looking to hire a skip in Midsomer Norton? If so, then look no further than Penny’s Group. Penny’s Group was founded by Roger Penny, back in 1960, over 60 years ago. Ever since we have been providing our services to DIY and businesses across the South West and South Wales. 

We provide skip hire for a range of different sizes, from 6-40 yard skips, depending on the quantity and material of waste you need to dispose of. We are here to help through the whole process, starting with the initial enquiry, all the way to picking up the skip once it’s been filled. 

We can help with deciding the correct size of skip for your project, and answer any questions you may have. 

Hire a Skip for Your Home in Midsomer Norton

There are many reasons why you may need to hire a skip, such as clearing out your garage, transforming your garden or even renovating your home. With years of experience in skip hire, providing to both domestic and commercial clients, we are confident we can help provide you with the perfect sized skip for your needs. 

We have a range of skip sizes, depending on how much material and what type of material you need to dispose of. Our smallest skips start at 6 yards for inter, hardcore or mixed waste. We also have 8-yard, 10-yard and 12-yard skips for inter, hardcore or mixed waste with both options of open or enclosed skips. We can help you when deciding what skip you need, based on your project, where the skip will be stored and the material that will be added to the skip. 

When hiring a skip, you must consider if you have the required room to store one. Many roads in Midsomer Norton are narrow, one-way or windy country lanes. This means the location of where you need to put one is something to consider before purchasing. For example, if you don’t have room for a 12-yard skip, you should contemplate hiring a 6-yard skip twice. 

Another factor to consider when hiring a skip is where it will be stored. If your property has a private driveway or you own private property, then you can keep your skip stored there. On the other hand, if the only place you can store your skip is on a public road or highway, then you’ll require a skip licence from the Somerset Council. You must apply for your skip 10 days before it is required. Your permit is valid for 28 days, if you require a longer period then you must apply for an extension. 

Hire a Skip for Your Business in Midsomer Norton

Do you want a reliable, local skip hire company in Midsomer Norton to ensure your skip is delivered and collected on time? We understand that when running a business, being on time is important. Being a local business in Midsomer Norton ensures that your job will have an efficient drop-off and collection time by our team of experts. 

Whether you’re hiring a skip for a shop refit, a garden clearance, a construction project or anything else, we have you covered!

Our variety in skip sizes means we have something for any project size, regardless of how big or small. We have 6-8 yard skips for smaller projects, 10-15 yard skips for those mid-sized projects and 20-40 yard skips for the bigger jobs that require a large capacity of waste that needs to be disposed of. 

Storing a skip on a public road or property will require a 28-day skip licence from the Somerset Council, this must be applied for 10 days before it’s required. 

Reach Out to Our Skip Hire Specialists to Discuss Your Project and Discover the Most Competitive Rates at Pennys Group

Why is Penny’s the Ideal Choice for Skip Hire in Midsomer Norton?

Penny’s Group is an independent family-run business which has been providing our services across the South West and South Wales for over 60 years. We have over 100 members of qualified, trained and fully accredited professionals working at Pennys Group who are known for their reliability and great service. 

As well as providing skip hire in Midsomer Norton, we also offer skip hire in Bristol, Bath, Keynsham, Westbury, Weston-Super-Mare, Trowbridge and everywhere in between.

At Pennys Group, we take pride in our sustainable, eco-friendly methods by ensuring all waste that’s collected is either recycled or disposed of locally at the Green Ore Farm Recycling Centre, only 7 miles from Midsomer Norton. 

At our sorting facility, we process a vast range of waste aiming to minimise landfill usage by diverting as much material as possible. Any remaining waste is sent for incineration to generate energy.

Separating ourselves from the rest, we ensure you don’t receive just a skip, but a waste disposal solution customised to fulfil the particular requirements of your residence or business. You can book a skip online or get in contact with our team of experts to help answer any questions you have.

Skip Hire FAQ’s

How Much is it to Hire a Skip in the UK?

The cost for a skip hire in the UK varies on the skip hire company and the size of the skip. On average, our skips at Pennys Group can range from £280 to £410 for 6-12 yard skips. For skips above 12 yards, please contact our friendly team for a quote.

How Much Rubbish Can You Fit in a Skip?

The rule of thumb is every yard of skip, you’ll fit 10 bin bags of waste. This means for a 6-yard skip, you’ll fit around 50-60 bin bags of waste. Bare in mind, that the quantity will vary depending on what material is in the bin bags, how full the bin bags are etc.

What Are You Not Allowed to Put in a Skip in the UK?

Many different items and materials can’t be disposed of in a skip, due to health and safety reasons. Some of the items that are restricted are batteries, asbestos, paint cans, tyres, gas cylinders, glue, electrical equipment and more.

Is it Illegal to Put Your Rubbish in Someone Else's Skip in the UK?

Yes, it is illegal as it’s an act of fly-tipping which is against the Garden Waste Skip Hire Act of 1990, making it against the law. If you are caught putting your rubbish in someone else’s skip, you may receive a fine.