Pennys Group Appoint Wrightrain to Install New Dust Suppression System

Pennys Waste Management department have recently appointed Wrightrain, who are based in Hampshire, to install a new dust suppression system into our Waste Management facility.

The new system is set to be installed in the coming months and will further advance working conditions and operations on site. Three fan assisted rotatory atomisers will be installed within the roof of the main storage shed and these will then spin 360 degrees covering the shed as well as key areas of the C & D sorting plant too.

The mist that will be disturbed by the fans can be manually controlled on site to ensure that a sufficient supply is available when required, the fans are capable of dispersing as little as 0.2 litres per minute or as much as 3 litres if required.

Pennys Group have worked closely with Wrightrain on the design of the project and are pleased to be able to confirm that the water that will be used through the system will have all been recycled on site via a rainfall storage tank. The water will be chlorinated through a pump system prior to being distributed through the fans.

Pennys look forward to welcoming Wrightrain onto site soon and are pleased to mark this development as another positive advancement for our Waste Management site.